Treatment for Spinal Cord Injuries in Indianapolis IN

by | Jul 30, 2013 | Lawyers

Spinal cord injuries are life-changing, and depending on the injury’s severity, a person may never regain full mobility. In the event of an accident, prompt spinal care is crucial; if you suspect a back or neck injury, don’t move until emergency responders arrive. Below is more information on spinal cord injuries, and how a lawyer can help.

Consequences of Spinal Injuries

The severity and location of a spine injury determines how a patient will be affected. Some injuries only affect the torso or arms, and some affect the entire body. If an injury is “complete”, a victim’s motor function and sensitivity are lost at and below that level. With an incomplete spinal injury, some degree of function and sensitivity remains.

New Options for spinal cord injury treatment

There are several companies building devices that help people with spinal cord injuries stand up and walk. All of these devices provide support to the lower body and the legs, and work much like an exoskeleton. Using batteries, these motorized exoskeletons work like robots to propel the person forward.

Trials of such devices are under physical therapists’ supervision in some rehab centers. A new model is incredibly light–less than 30 pounds. The user, who can lean forward or sideways to step, and lean back to come to a stop, controls it. The device disassembles to fit in a knapsack, and can easily be reassembled. A person in a wheelchair can easily put it together while sitting, and use it to stand on their own two feet.

Most insurers don’t yet cover devices like the powered exoskeletons described above, and they are not medically appropriate for everyone. However, advancing technology makes these devices a promising option for many victims of spinal cord injuries in Indianapolis IN.

Regardless of the severity and level of a person’s spine injury, treatment is prolonged and expensive. If an injury was caused due to negligence or an accident, it might be possible to recover lost wages and medical expenses. If someone you know is unable to work due to a spine injury, a lawyer will give honest advice as to his or her chances of a successful case and a fair monetary recovery.

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