Month: January 2014

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The best way to see Manhattan

Who hasn’t heard Frank Sinatra or Lisa Minnelli sing the praises of New York? There are millions of people around the world who dream of waking up in the city that does not sleep. These people come from all corners of the country and the globe on vacation and although...

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The Role of the Personal Prophet

A prophet is a vessel who is able to communicate God’s word in order to allow people to receive his motivational gifts. A prophecy can provide insight as to the direction God wishes us to go and motivates us to follow his wishes and live in his light. There are many...

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How does an inkjet printer work?

Of all the various types, sizes and feature rich printers that are available today, without a doubt the most popular and by far the least expensive printer is the inkjet. When you hit the print command of your computer you expect the printer to function, but you ever...

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