Benefits of Seeing a Sedation Dentist in Long Island

by | Oct 27, 2015 | Dentist

For many people, the thought of going to the dentist can be very traumatic. Often people find the fear of what the dentist may or may not do is so overwhelming they would rather avoid seeing the dentist and deal with painful dental issues instead. Letting dental problems go untreated can often result in problems that are more severe and costly to correct. One way a person can solve this problem is by seeing a sedation dentist in Long Island.

Seeing a dentist who offers sedation to their patients can make a visit to the dentist relaxing and anxiety-free for many people. This combined with the feeling of safety such dentists can provide to their patients can make a visit much easier to handle.

A Sedation dentist in Long Island can help a patient become more relaxed in a number of different ways. Often the type of sedation the dentist will use for a patient will depend on their anxiety levels as well as the type of dental procedures they will need.

Many people only require a light type of sedation. This can often be achieved by giving the patient sedatives, like tranquilizers, depressants, and anti-anxiety medications. Generally, the patient will be given a dose of medication a few hours before treatment so the drug can begin working before the treatment begins. In addition to oral medications, some doctors use nitrous oxide or laughing gas.

If the dentist feels a higher level of sedation is needed, he or she may give the patient an injection of a sedative drug. This allows the medication to work much quicker and can be helpful in treatments that require more time. Most patients will be able to sleep through their treatment.

For more severe cases, the dentist may need to administer anesthesia. This will put the patient into a deep sleep and they will generally need to be put on an I.V. before treatment. During a procedure using this sedation therapy, patients will be unaware of what is going on. They may awake feeling disoriented and will not be allowed to drive themselves home. While this is a more extensive type of sedation, in some cases it is necessary.

People who are afraid of the dentist should find a sedation dentist who can help them get the dental treatments they need. This can help in preventing minor issues from developing into problems that are more extensive.

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