Clients who are building or renovating homes often choose stone flooring instead of carpeting or wood. They may include it in specific areas, such as dining rooms or foyers, or create one seamless stone surface that connects living spaces. There are many reasons experts like Abbey Carpet & Remodeling install so much Granite Flooring in Maple Grove MN, but most clients love the fact that the stone is versatile, beautiful, and durable.
There Are Many Design Options

Since granite is a natural material, no two pieces are exactly alike, and each one varies slightly in color and texture. As a result, Granite Flooring in Maple Grove MN, can be cut and polished into custom designs.  They are also offered honed granite with a matte finish, rough-surfaced flame granite for outdoor projects, and brushed granite that has a silky look.

Granite Adds Elegance and Beauty

Clients often choose granite when they want to add instant elegance and value to their homes. It is so highly valued and beautiful that granite counters, backsplashes, and flooring can often sell houses. Although installation costs are usually more than other materials, granite never goes out of style and always matches changing decorating trends. The stone is just as appealing after decades as it is the day it is put in.

Durable Granite Is Healthy and Easily Maintained

Homeowners also love granite because it is almost impossible to break. Although it can stain if spills are not cleaned immediately, it is very simple to maintain. Sweeping and light mopping will keep it looking good. Granite flooring is very heat and scratch resistant. Because it is sealed during installation, flooring also resists water. The stone is a healthy choice because regular cleaning with soap and water removes allergens, and it does not collect pollutants the way that carpeting can.

The beauty of granite flooring makes it a very popular choice among homeowners. Despite the fact that the stone is often more expensive than other flooring materials, it adds instant beauty and value that lasts for many decades. Granite is also easy to maintain and nearly impossible to break.

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