Visit a Dentist In LaGrange, GA and Eliminate Oral Concerns

When a cavity or other oral problem occurs, it can be extremely painful. In fact, the longer that the situation goes untreated, the more likely it will be to cause extreme pain. The common cavity is the primary culprit, but there are other caries that require a visit to a Dentist In LaGrange, GA. Consider an impacted tooth. Once the damage gets this severe, there is a strong chance that an infection will occur. An infection in a damaged tooth can result in a lot of other problems such as blood disease, heart issues and more. In most instances, the dentist can’t treat the problem until the infection is eliminated. On the plus side, this treatment should reduce the level of pain the person is feeling.

Repairing a tooth will depend on the type of the tooth that is damaged. Canines and front teeth may be able to use a veneer to cover any image issues. Crowns or caps are used on molars for extra strength. One option for the replacement of teeth is the implant. When a tooth is extracted or damaged, the other teeth will push their way into the open space. This causes further trouble and can make the teeth look terrible. An implant is simply a fake root designed to anchor a crown. The surgery is considered minor, but some patients may have problems with gum deterioration. This happens from age, wearing dentures or improperly cleaning the gum tissue.

No matter what condition the teeth are in, there is always some way for a Dentist In LaGrange, GA to improve them. The simplest step is dental cleaning where the teeth are whitened. This process uses a variant of peroxide that is easy on the gum tissue. Once the whitening has begun, it can take a week or two for the final results to show up. The benefit to professional oral whitening is a brighter finish that tends to last much longer. Another option to consider is veneer. The use of veneers are a great way to cover those highly visible problems such as the chipped front tooth or a damaged one. Visit Hamilton Family Dentistry to discover the possibilities.

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