There are many types of dental implants in Las Vegas that patients can consider with their implant dentist in an effort to improve their smile. Discuss with your dentist which options are best depending on your individual needs and budget.

The root form dental implant is a screw type of implant that is created to be shaped like the root of a tooth. This type of dental implant is one of the most common types of dental implants in Las Vegas and is used when there is enough depth and width in your jawbone. For patients who have a narrow jawbone, bone grafting might be required to allow the placement of the root implant. Patients will receive anesthesia and then the cosmetic dentist will create an area in the jawbone to prepare it for the implant. The amount of bone preparations and incisions needed will be directly affected by the amount of implants that are needed. The implant will be placed into the patient’s gums and then closed up with stitches. Healing for these types of dental implants in Las Vegas take about three to six months to heal. After healing, the implant is then uncovered and the abutment is put in.

Some jawbones are un-eligible for bone grafting based on narrowness, and require a certain type of implant to be placed into their jawbone instead. The plate form implant has a long, flat shape that fits more easily into the jawbone. Once a patient has received anesthesia, the dentist will prepare the bone for the implant and set into place. The gums are then closed up with stitches which will take about six months on average to heal completely.

The subperiosteal dental implants in Las Vegas are used when there is not enough bone height or width for root forms or plate forms to be implanted. The subperiosteal implant rests on top of the jawbone and underneath the gums but they tend to cost less than typical implants.

Immediate load implants can be put into place right at the time of the actual tooth extraction which significantly cuts down on the time required for healing. This type of dental implanting is not yet widely used and many dentists don’t offer this type of implants today. The procedure starts with the cosmetic dentist first making an impression of the patient’s jawbone by exposing it and then making a custom fit implant for the jaw. Once the custom fit implant is created, the jawbone is exposed and the implant is attached into place. The gums are then stitched up and replacement teeth are put in.

Take the time to consult with your cosmetic dentist and express any concerns or questions you might have regarding the best implants that are suitable for your individual mouth.

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