How to Save Money on a Dentist

by | Jun 19, 2013 | Dentist

Most people do not think about how they can save money when it comes to seeing a dentist. The truth is that there are actually quite a few ways that a person can save money on a dentist in Smithfield RI. Any person that does not check into this is actually spending way more money than they should on their dental needs. Here are a few tips that should help any person save a little extra money on their dental visits.

Dental Plans and Insurance Policies

One way to save money on dentist visits is to take a careful look at both dental plans, as well as dental insurance. There is a distinct difference between the two. A dental plan is sometimes referred to as a discount dental plan. For this, this a person pays a small annual fee for the plan. This is a fixed rate, so a person never has to worry about the rates going up. The fee is much smaller than the dental insurance premium. What the plan does is provide patients with a standard discount on all dental services. A person just pays the discount amount up front, and they will never have to worry about further billing from the dentist’s office. It is a great way to know exactly how much the dental service will cost without having the fear of more bills.

Dental insurance is the opposite of a dental plan. A person just pays an insurance premium annually, in addition to a monthly fee, to keep the insurance plan current. In addition to that, there is a deductible that will have to be paid, depending on the terms of the dental insurance plan. The patient will have to pay the fees in full until the deductible is met. Once the deductible is met, the insurance company will then pay all of the dental fees and the customer will not have to pay anything more.

These are the two basic options that a person has when it comes to dental coverage. The dental plan is great for any person who does not have to have much dental work done or for any person who does not expect to have much dental work done. It is a great way to save money so long as the dentist in Smithfield RI accepts it.

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