Garage Door Springs Replacement and Other Maintenance Tasks

It applies to cars, appliances and almost every other mechanical device: A little preventive maintenance can save a tremendous amount of time, hassle and money in the end. It’s equally applicable to garage doors and their components as well. An automated garage door has many moving parts, and any failure can be a costly fix, not to mention a big inconvenience. Below are some easy tips to help homeowners keep their garage doors in good shape.

Lubricate Often

Many of a garage door’s parts should be lubricated regularly. In fact, keeping the door properly lubricated is the most important preventive maintenance task there is. The following parts should be oiled frequently:

* Pulleys
* Bearings
* Hinges
* Rollers
* Tracks

For optimal results, not just any lubricant should be used. The best type to use on garage door parts is spray grease; they’re commonly available at home improvement stores, but a garage door repair pro can do the job quickly and easily. The Frequency of lubrication may vary depending on how often the door is used, but every two months is a good starting point.

Listen to the Door

Periodically, it’s a good idea to just listen to the way the garage door operates. Are there any odd noises, or does something sound as if it’s catching? Any part that sounds strange can be indicative of a problem. By taking a few moments to listen to the door’s operation, homeowners can catch problems early, before they become expensive to fix.

Keep it Clean

There are obvious aesthetic benefits to keeping the garage door clean, but regular parts cleaning can substantially reduce long-term maintenance and repair costs. Regularly clean dirt and debris from the tracks, and check the springs and hinges for accumulated dust and dirt. A garage door repair professional can inspect these parts, clean them and do a Garage Door Springs Replacement if necessary.


Regular inspections are an important part of garage door maintenance. The following items should be checked regularly:

* Cables, for signs of wear and fraying
* Springs, for proper tension. Looseness may be a sign that Garage Door Springs Replacement is needed.
* Tracks, for proper alignment

There’s a lot that goes into keeping a garage door working, but it doesn’t have to be a hassle. By hiring Garage Door Operators Inc, homeowners can keep their systems running smoothly for as long as possible.