Could Termites Be Invading Your Home?

by | Apr 29, 2015 | Pest Control

Termites are a pest no homeowner wants to have to deal with. Unfortunately, many homes are full of these pests, and the homeowners are not aware of their presence. Termites are pests that are able to remain hidden. They eat away at the wood structures of your home, causing thousands of dollars in damages. This is why it is crucial homeowners are aware of the signs they need to look for when termites have invaded their home. If you find you are dealing with Termites in Bel Air MD, you need to seek extermination services right away.

There are several signs you can look for to know you have a termite problem:

*  One of the most common signs people notice is softened wood in their home. You may notice some wood areas are weak or sound hollow. This typically meanstermites have been eating away at the wood and causing it to become weaker. If you see tunnels through the wood in your home, you need to call for pest control services.

*  When termites take to flight, they will eventually shed their wings. Shed termite wings resemble fish scales and can be found in piles around your home.These are mostly found on windowsills. If you see these wings, it is imperative you have your home inspected for termites.

*  You may notice certain termites will create mud tube nests on the outer walls of your home. These nests will run from the ground and up against your foundation. Though not always a sign of termite problems in your home, this could mean there is a problem. Experts advise homeowners to break a piece of the nest away and monitor it to see if it is rebuilt.

*  In the warmer months, you may notice these pests swarming in your yard. They can easily be seen at night, flying around your outdoor lights. This could mean termites have invaded your home.

If you believe you are dealing with Termites in Bel Air MD, you need pest control services. Visit Sitename and learn about the many services they can offer you. They can rid your home of these pests, so it is no longer in danger of being damaged.

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