Caring For A Mirror In Atlanta, GA

by | Oct 23, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

When a person buys a quality Mirror in Atlanta GA, learning how to take care of that investment is important. People have to learn how to properly clean their mirrors for them to last. When cleaning a mirror, a cloth that doesn’t have any lint on it should be used. The cloth should be a very soft material that won’t leave any scratches on the mirror’s surface. Dirty rags shouldn’t be used to clean mirrors. There are microfiber cloths that are sold at auto supply stores that are excellent for cleaning mirrors. People can Visit the Website of a mirror company to see if the website has any cleaning products.

An individual also has to use the right type of cleaner for cleaning a Mirror in Atlanta GA. Alcohol-based cleaners are the best products to use for mirror cleaning. Some people mistakenly use products that have bleach or ammonia in them. There are also chemicals that are too strong to be used on mirrors. When a cleaner is used, it needs to be applied directly to the cloth, not to the mirror’s surface. If it is applied to the surface, the cleaner can get in the mirror’s seams. Once the cleaner is behind the mirror, it can cause the back of the mirror to deteriorate. Also, people should avoid using any powdered products on their mirrors.

A person can place a Mirror in Atlanta GA, in just about any room in his or her residence, but mirrors placed in rooms that have a lot of humidity need to be kept dry. Moisture can eventually cause damage to a mirror’s backing. In order to prevent moisture problems, people can install ventilation fans in their bathrooms. During the warmer months, windows can be left open to naturally increase ventilation. Keeping the bathroom dry will benefit more than the mirror. Other fixtures in the bathroom will also last longer if moisture is kept under control.

There are other tips mirror owners should follow. Mirrors shouldn’t be placed too close to doors. A mirror can accidentally be broken if a person isn’t too careful with the door. Before moving large mirrors, people should clear their rooms of any clutter to make sure an accident doesn’t happen with the mirror.

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