Confidence issues are a common denominator among individuals with less than perfect features. This often compels them to try and hide their flaw, especially if it involves the teeth. Crooked, stained, or missing teeth can easily be hidden by a lack of smiling or limited jaw movement. Summing up the courage to visit a skilled Dentist in San Bernardino, CA is one of the best ways to combat this problem. Here, the knowledgeable staff can address any problems and offer solutions that will forever change the way someone looks and feels.

Improving a smile is no easy task, but the staff at the Smile Better offices of Dr. S. M. Bhatt have many options available to aid in the endeavor. The first step involves an oral evaluation. Panoramic x-rays are taken to reveal any problems within the teeth and jaw while a physical probe of each tooth is performed to test the strength of the enamel. Once this assessment is complete, the dental staff will have a better understanding of the problems at hand and can devise a proper treatment to help get things back on track.

Depending on the condition of the patient’s smile, there are many different corrective dental procedures that can be applied. Some teeth require nothing more than a thorough cleaning and whitening procedure. As long as the patient stays vigilant to the dentist’s aftercare instructions, they may never require extensive work. In more severe cases involving crooked, missing, or damaged teeth, the staff will have to implement cosmetic and restorative procedures. The application of crowns, composite fillings, or veneers are common cosmetic ways to repair a smile. If the damage is more extensive, teeth may require removal and replacement with porcelain bridges, implants, or dentures. Orthodontics may also factor in. In this day and age, it is no longer uncommon to see adults with braces, especially after the introduction of the almost unnoticeable Invisalign brace system.

To learn about all of these procedures and what to expect, the Smile Better clinic offers a very informative website. Inquisitive patients can Visit the Site at  to read in-depth descriptions and see a photo gallery of before and after shots. They will also find informative videos that provide an insightful, visual look into what the clinic offers and how each procedure is carried out. This commitment to patient awareness makes choosing the right Dentist in San Bernardino a no-brainer.

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