Working Closely with a Criminal Law Attorney in Chandler, AZ

by | Jun 26, 2015 | Lawyers

Being charged with a crime calls for securing legal help immediately. In order to manage the situation to best effect, it pays to work as closely with the criminal law attorney in Chandler AZ, as possible. Here are some basics for the client to keep in mind.

Complete Disclosure

The only way the criminal law attorney in Chandler AZ, can prepare a defense is to have all the relevant information at hand. Attorneys understand that, in some cases, this will mean disclosing details the client finds embarrassing. Remember that the attorney is focused on deciding how to best represent the client and not about passing moral judgments about what the client did or did not do. In addition, all information provided to the attorney is held in the strictest of confidence. Unless there is a need for the information to be used in a court of law, it will remain between the two parties.

Remembering the Little Details

Even a client who is trying hard to be completely honest with the criminal law attorney in Chandler AZ will sometimes find it hard to remember minor details. This is usually because the details did not seem all that important to the client at the time. The thing to remember is something that did not seem like a big deal at the time may, in fact, be very important to the defense strategy. By choosing to step back and remember everything possible about the events under consideration, there is the possibility of turning up one or two things that will make a difference.

Following the Advice of the Attorney

From the moment the services of the attorney are secured, it is important to follow the advice provided by the letter. This will often mean refraining from discussing the case with anyone, even close family members. Information has a way of getting out and ending up in the hands of people who would use it to the disadvantage of the client. By following the counsel to keep quiet and only discuss the case when the attorney is present, the potential for a better outcome is maintained.

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