When To Hire A Defense Attorney In Hattiesburg MS

by | Oct 23, 2015 | Lawyers

When someone gets arrested on criminal charges, they need to consider all of the options available to them. A public defender is going to be granted to every defendant when they are arrested, but these lawyers are given every single case that comes through the legal system. If a defendant wants a good lawyer that’s actually going to give them a chance of having their charges reduced, they need to hire a private attorney. A private defense attorney will be able to go over someone’s case thoroughly and spend a lot of time trying to figure out what they can do for them. Most lawyers have experience dealing with certain types of charges as well, meaning they know the law inside and out and will be able to point out discrepancies in a defendant’s case.

Defendants who are in need of a Defense Attorney in Hattiesburg MS should get in touch with a DUI Attorney at T. Michael Reed. This is one of the top choices for a Defense Attorney in Hattiesburg MS because they have experience in dealing with all types of criminal cases, including driving offenses. Driving under the influence is a serious charge that needs to be treated with great care. When someone is actually charged with this arrest, they are going to have their license suspended for a long time. They will also be required to pay a lot of money and attend classes as well. However, a defense attorney may be able to get the charges against someone reduced or even thrown out, especially if the arresting officer didn’t do something they should have during the stop. Keep that in mind if you’ve been thinking about hiring a defense attorney in Hattiesburg MS.

Driving under the influence is one of the most common charges today because people can be charged whether they were drunk, taking pills, or even high on marijuana. The type of drug that a person is under the influence of is also going to determine how well a lawyer can defend their case. Also, a breathalyzer test is required when being arrested for an alcohol offense otherwise the charges are not going to stick. Take advantage of legal representation to have the best chance of a charge reduction for your arrest. Get more details.

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