When Moving Calls for Special Wooden Boxes in Austin

by | Sep 24, 2015 | Moving Services

Moving always poses problems unique to the individual. It is a stressful venture to say the least. However when the items are enormous or precious, it can throw a little more than a kink into the moving plans. Exactly how does a person move the children’s beloved playhouse or the baby grand piano from their great grandmother across the country? Large items that are also treasured possessions need a bit more consideration than a kitchen full of pots and pans. This is when a Crating & packing service is invaluable and will work with the customer to make sure their items get to the new location safely.

Truly large items such as pianos, storage sheds, motorcycles and even that vintage airplane the owner has been restoring, cannot be simply moved in a cardboard box filled with packing peanuts. They need specially made Wooden Boxes in Austin that can securely transport the items whether overseas or across several states. These custom made containers made from quality materials and built with the item in mind, so any unique qualities can be secured for travel. There will not be an opportunity for an item to become dislodged and damaged in the moving process.

When in need for Wooden Boxes in Austin, contact a reliable and reputable shipping company. Worry and anxiety about transporting valuable and personal items will lessen when put in the hands of a professional crating company. At an initial consultation, the person should get an estimate and a complete description of how their items will be crated and transported. Will the items go by ground, air or water? There should be a contract complete with insurance information and a checklist of what to do in the event of an unfortunate accident. The company should be well versed in all shipping rules and regulations whether national or international. Arrangements should be made for pick-up, if necessary, and a timetable given as to when the items should reach their destination. A person does not want to leave room for a question so going with a company with a great history and reputation is a smart move.

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