Why Do People Contact Personal Injury Lawyers in Baltimore?

by | Sep 23, 2015 | Lawyers

Most people contact one of the personal injury lawyers in Baltimore for advice on their own situation and to determine if they need to hire a lawyer. Although they may be entitled to compensation after an accident, they may be able to receive the compensation without having to hire a lawyer. They can speak with a lawyer to find out if the offer they have already received is adequate or to have help dealing with the insurance company.

Checking on a Settlement

It’s usually a good idea to speak with a personal injury lawyer before accepting any sort of settlement. Once the settlement is accepted, there isn’t much a lawyer can do if the settlement doesn’t cover all of the accident-related expenses. The lawyer can look at the settlement and the expenses beforehand to ensure nothing major is missing. This can often be done during a free consultation so the person can determine whether they want to hire the lawyer to pursue a higher settlement amount.

Dealing With an Insurance Company

After an accident, a claim will need to be made with the insurance company that is liable for payment and the person will need to check to ensure any settlement is adequate before they accept it. Most people are able to handle this on their own, but those who were seriously injured may need someone to handle it on their behalf. A personal injury lawyer will be able to deal with the insurance company on behalf of the injured person to ensure the injured person can recuperate from their injuries and ensure they aren’t taken advantage of while they are recovering.

Anyone who has been injured because of the negligence or direct action of another person or a business may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. By speaking with one of the personal injury lawyers in Baltimore, they can find out if they are entitled to a settlement, how much they should receive, and determine whether they need to hire an attorney to help them secure that amount. The attorney can answer any questions the person may have before they decide to hire the attorney. Generally, the person will be able to have a free consultation so they don’t have to worry about the consultation being another expense.

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