A Foot Specialist protects the health of the feet by screening for problems and treating foot conditions that arise. The feet take a lot of abuse throughout a person’s life, bearing much of their weight. It is important people take care of their feet and learn to recognize problems that will alert them to see a podiatrist. Through this information, people will learn more about the signs of problems with their feet so they can be proactive in seeking care.

* While occasional heel pain could be due to the shoes a person is wearing, ongoing heel pain is often an indicator a foot condition is present. Heel pain can be caused by gout, injuries, or bone spurs. It behooves a person to seek the care of a podiatrist if their heel pain does not go away.

* When an ingrown toenail strikes, it is important to see the podiatrist. This is not the time to grab nail clippers and take a DIY approach, as this can simply make the problem worse.

* Toenails that have become yellow or thickened may indicate nail fungus is present. This is a condition that is best treated by the foot doctor since fungal infections often require extensive treatment.

* If a person’s toes seem to be locked in a bent position, this can signal hammer toes. This painful condition needs to be treated by a foot doctor so the problem does not worsen. Special treatments and padding can bring great comfort.

* When a bunion is present, a person needs to seek treatment so their toes do not become permanently deformed. This condition can bring extreme pain and can cause difficulty in walking. A bunion causes swelling in the joint between the big toe and the second one.

* Swollen feet can be normal as a person ages, but if only one foot is swollen this could indicate a bigger problem. Swelling that does not go away needs to be checked by a Foot Specialist.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, it is important your feet are checked by a foot doctor so you can find relief from your symptoms. To schedule an appointment, contact the Foot & Ankle Specialists of NJ. You can also follow them on Twitter.