What Pediatric Dentistry in Huntsville AL is Right for You?

by | May 22, 2015 | Dentist

Pediatric Dentistry in Huntsville AL involves care on a magnanimous scale. Dentists undergo many years of specific training and daily practice is reserved exclusively for the care of children, from the youngest age to adolescence. At what age do children should see a pediatric dentist? Experts in the field recommend that a child sees a dentist from the appearance of the first tooth and no later than at the age of 1 year. These early visits help to inform parents about good habits and thus prevent disease.

Why are baby teeth important?

Milk teeth are essential to the development of the child. These teeth, also called primary teeth, allow for proper chewing function, but are also involved in phonation (speaking). Finally, they help regulate space for permanent teeth.

At what age should children start brushing teeth?

Cleaning teeth should be done at the onset of the first tooth and then gradually evolves to the molars. Brushing should be done by parents twice daily, in the morning after breakfast and before bedtime. Parental control is essential until the age of 7-8 years.

How to prevent cavities in children?

The establishment of good dental hygiene and eating habits from an early age can help children avoid the occurrence of dental decay. However, many children with multiple cavities are due to baby bottle tooth decay. This condition results from the frequent and prolonged use of a bottle throughout the day and at bedtime. Usually, these bottles contain fruit juice, sugary liquids or just natural milk. This is why it is important to never let the child fall asleep after taking a liquid other than water.
What if the child sucks his thumb or a pacifier?

Thumb or pacifier sucking is common in young children and will not pose a real problem before the age of 5. As soon as possible though, you should try to replace the thumb with a straw. Fluoride is also an issue many parents aren’t familiar with. The beneficial effect of fluoride against cavities is well established and has been the subject of many scientific studies around the world. Fluoride is present in toothpaste, some bottled waters, some salts, tablets, and drops.

Consult with your pediatric dentist in Huntsville AL to learn more. A visit every 6 months is recommended because pathologies can appear and progress quickly in children without symptoms or pain. However, this frequency can be adjusted according to each individual case.

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