What is the purpose of dental bonding?

by | Aug 4, 2015 | Dentist

Many people have imperfect teeth, perhaps the teeth are perfectly healthy but even the healthiest teeth often have slight surface imperfections. To correct this problem a special material can be bonded to the visible surface of the tooth. The process is called “dental bonding” and the material that is used is resin, a variant of plastic which can be custom formulated to match the color of the patient’s teeth. Dental in Vestal NY use this material as it is extremely durable and can cope with all the rigors teeth go through.

Dental bonding begins with the dentist selecting the exact color match of the target teeth or tooth. To do this, the dentist has a color chart composed of samples of the resin which is held against the tooth. Dental bonding does not take long; the entire process can be accomplished in less than one hour per tooth. The dentist first roughens the surface of the tooth and then applies a conditioner; the result of these procedures is that the color matched resin will adhere to the tooth far better than it would to a tooth that was not prepared.

Upon completion of the preparation phase, resin is applied to the tooth surface and molded into the appropriate shape. Dental in Vestal NY uses a UV light source to quickly harden the resin, once the resin is rock hard the dentist smoothes and polishes the tooth. The result is a tooth that is identical in color to the other teeth except all the surface imperfections are gone.

There are a number of different purposes for dental bonding but by far the most common is to repair a chipped tooth. It is also used to close noticeable gaps between teeth as well as mask teeth which are stained. As a person ages their teeth can actually wear down, dental bonding is used to lengthen teeth or if necessary, change their shape to enhance a person’s smile.

Although there are other procedures which perform a similar function, dental bonding is less expensive and easier. The entire process is done in house, there is no need to involve a dental lab to produce a dental veneer and, depending on the number of teeth involved, the work can be done in a single appointment. If the bonding is used in cavity repair, there will be a need for anesthesia, if not, as very little enamel is removed there is no need to numb the tooth.

If you have a damaged tooth, the dental in Vestal NY professionals may suggest dental bonding as the perfect solution. You are welcome to contact the New York Dental Group. Click here to know more.

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