What is an oral surgeon?

by | May 10, 2013 | Dentist

A dentist who has completed more years of training and has become qualified to perform surgery on teeth, gums, jaw and the mouth is an oral surgeon in Butler PA. Many common procedures that are done by the oral surgeon are root canals, the extraction of difficult wisdom teeth and the surgical repair of gums. An oral surgeon can diagnose and treat the most complex and severe dental problems. The oral surgeon in Butler PA is also trained in the use of various forms of anesthesia, some procedures are done in his office and others are done in a hospital surgical ward.

Most of the work done by the oral surgeon is tooth oriented. The most common procedures are the extraction of impacted teeth and removing wisdom teeth. Another very common procedure is doing a root canal where the pulp of the tooth is carefully removed, killing the tooth effectively. This procedure is done when decay has caused serious infection. Often, because the oral surgeon in Butler PA can use anesthesia, the procedures can be done with little or no pain. The oral surgeon is also the specialist who is called upon to perform dental implants should the patient have lost a tooth due to infection, decay or an accident.

Gums are a unique problem and these gum disorders are solved through surgery in many cases. Gum disorders are usually caused by disease and other conditions which cause rapid deterioration of the gum tissue. A patient who is suffering from gingivitis for example will have to have gum tissue removed by the surgeon. There are also those who have been born with a cleft lip or a deformed pallet, these patients can also be helped by having oral surgery.

Once the oral surgeon has some years of experience, he may be called upon to perform maxillofacial surgery. This surgery can be performed anywhere on the neck or head, including most often the jaw, face and skull connections. People who have been involved in an accident will often have facial reconstruction done by an oral surgeon in Butler PA.

The oral surgeon’s day is usually split between actually surgical procedures and giving patients insights into combating oral complications as well as consulting with patients who are awaiting surgery.

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