What are the Best Residential Roofing Middletown Types in the Northeast?

by | May 13, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Slate, metal, concrete, and even clay roofs are all used in the northeastern United States. It goes without saying that some roofs are better than others. Every single option has its own set of pros and cons, and it simply depends on the preferences of the buyer. Below is a review of some of the more popular residential roofing middletown options, and how one may be the best choice for one person, but not for another.

Metal Fights Ice

If the homeowner is particularly concerned about ice, a metal roof is probably the way to go. Metal is extremely resilient to ice dams that can grow up on the roof. Metal is also more conducive to roofs with a high slope. Interestingly, roofs with a dense slope are not as vulnerable to ice dam growth. The reason metal roots are so resilient to ice and snow development is that metal is inherently slippery. In a high slope, the snow has little chance to build up and develop because it slides right off. Metal roots become a little bit of a catch 22. On one hand, they work best on high slopes. On the other hand, high slopes are natural ice-breakers, which is metal roofing’s greatest strength.

What about Slate?

Slate is a trend in the northeast. Slate is more expensive than metal. It is also more durable, and for most homeowners, more aesthetically pleasing. Slate simply looks elegant and nice, and some people don’t mind paying extra for its look and durability. However, it is difficult to find an installer that can work properly with slate. It is a surprisingly delicate material that can be damaged during installation, if not handled well. Visit Majestic Exteriors for more details.

Slate roofs look absolutely beautiful. How about metal roofs? Some people would say that metal pales in comparison. Some would say it is unattractive. Interestingly, metal boasts a far superior performance against intense winters. There are other residential roofing middletown options out there. Visit the official website of Majestic Exteriors to learn more about residential roofing in New Jersey.

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