Bed Bug Preparation in NYC: Part of Expert Extermination

by | May 13, 2015 | bpoinfoline

DDT kept U.S. bed-bug populations under control for decades, but the problem has returned and it now requires professional solutions. Increased global travel and DDT bans are thought to be the main reasons for the issue. Because of this infestation, specialists like Metro Pest Control now offer solutions that completely eliminate the pests.

Home-Grown Extermination Is Not Practical

Bed bugs have been around for eons, causing people to wake up with lines of ugly, itchy red marks. The hard-to-see bugs hide in furniture, closets, mattresses, carpets, and more. For centuries it was thought that the only way to get rid of the insects was to throw out any affected items and even burn them. That is because bed bugs can multiply quickly and thrive in almost any conditions. However, professional exterminators now offer treatments that make most of those drastic steps unnecessary. For one thing, Bed Bug Preparation in NYC usually begins with treating and isolating affected belongings.

Professionals Find All the Bugs

Another reason that DIY extermination is not effective is that most victims cannot even find their unwanted visitors. In contrast, exterminators know exactly where the insects are and recognize them immediately. Once the insects are located, professionals move on to all-important Bed Bug Preparation in NYC. They vacuum, wash, or dry clean affected items. Some things may need to be destroyed, but technicians can also save a lot. Once this step is complete, they bag or wrap affected items in plastic to avoid contaminating other areas. Most of these belongings are also removed.

Treatments Guarantee Effective Extermination

Professional exterminators seal off perimeters in apartments, to prevent bugs from infesting nearby homes. They use powerful insecticides to treat live bed bugs and to get all of the eggs. Technicians may also suggest that homes be modified to prevent the problem from returning. They may recommend sealing moldings, baseboards, or window frames. In addition, they educate clients about how the pests can get into homes via suitcases, used furniture, and clothing.

It is becoming common for homes to be infested with the bed bugs that were once rare in the U.S. As people travel more, they are bringing the insects back with them and exterminators have responded with effective treatments. They often provide solutions that help clients save most of their items and prevent the problem from returning.

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