VSAT Mobile Satellite Network Communications for Your Business

by | Aug 21, 2012 | Telecommunications

Live satellite communications have grown increasingly popular in the twentieth century and came to prominence when NASA used them to transmit the 1964 Olympics from Japan to viewers in Europe and the United States. As the need for mobile satellite communications grew, so did the need for increasing technology. In 1965, NASA launched its first commercial satellite into space. It was called Intelsat I, also nicknamed the “Early Bird.”

VSAT technology came as a result of the advancement of knowledge regarding satellite communications. VSAT, or very-small-aperture-terminal, is a mobile satellite system used for relaying data to remote locations. Common uses include broadband data, credit card transactions, and point of sale transactions. These systems are also used for mobile maritime communications. The antennas for VSAT systems are relatively small, less than 3 meters. They are ideal for a business that needs a communications system that can be easily transported from one location to another.

VSAT’s are used for remote business communications on a wide scale basis. Some of the largest VSAT mobile satellite networks are used by the United States Postal Service, MCI, and Spacenet, among others. One reason that VSAT technology is popular among the business community is that it can provide increased bandwidth rates for lower costs. Some of the applications available for VSAT systems include telephone, data communication services, digital audio broadcasting, fax, television, and several other applications. Maritime VSAT uses a terminal to communicate from a ship at sea. The antenna points to the satellite and is used to receive and transmit signals for communication purposes.

Stratos is a provider of remote mobile satellite communications systems and offers the SDT 5000 satellite modem. Stratos is a leader in global communications and offers dependable service with any purchase of their satellite products. Their communications equipment will help your business communicate with even the most remote locations. You can trust any equipment you purchase from a company like Stratos. They have a superior reputation with the satellite communications industry.

Every business owner knows the importance of being able to get a message out to employees within the company, even to remote locations. When you need to get a message out fast, quick and clear communication is of the utmost importance. A mobile satellite system can help you make this clearer and faster communication a reality for your business. If you would like more information about mobile satellite communications products available, you should contact a satellite communications provider for a consultation. A communications specialist will help you find the right system to solve your business communication needs.

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