Use Gorgeous Rhinestones From Custom Transfers to Spice Up Your Clothing

by | Dec 17, 2012 | Shopping

Rhinestone custom transfers are becoming more popular all the time. It gives almost anyone the ability to add luster and interest to their clothing or accessories. Once someone has tried rhinestone custom transfers, they find it’s so much fun that they end up putting rhinestones on almost anything that doesn’t move.

Rhinestones are a paste containing glass, rock crystal or acrylic, and manufactured to create the look of diamonds. Originally, these were created by grinding up rocks found in the river Rhine in Europe, thus their name. There are all sorts of different types and qualities. Swarovski rhinestones are usually considered the highest quality. These are created with a more modern technique, created by applying an ultra-thin metallic coating to a crystal, creating an iridescent look. This was named for the Aurora Borealis atmospheric phenomenon. Variations of this technique produced the Flame Aura and Aqua Aura versions.

In the early 1900s, rhinestones were used often when creating high classed clothing. It helped solve the problem of focusing light on dresses worn for the theater, when normal clothing would appear washed out from the stage. Rhinestones were considered high enough quality that they often took the place of crowns for kings (particularly when there was a security issue for the real crown). In later decades, rhinestones allowed the proliferation of so-called costume jewelry that allowed all sorts of accents for stylish outfits. As the costs of manufacturing rhinestones decreased and the techniques for reliable application increased, rhinestones became popular in all sorts of venues. Modern clothing uses rhinestones applied in designs and patterns on t-shirts and handbags to heighten the look for all sorts of items.

Rhinestones can be manufactured with flat backs, suitable for the application of glue, or studs which fasten through clothing in the same way that earring studs fasten to the ears. Flat-backed rhinestones are available with the glue already applied.

Rhinestones can be applied individually to the desired surface. It often uses heat and a vacuum pump to soften the glue and draw it from the rhinestone into the fabric surface, creating a reliable connection. Although this can be an effective and fun way to apply rhinestones, if a person really gets into the hobby, it can become tedious after a while. To meet that need, companies have supplied rhinestone custom transfers. These allow an entire set of rhinestones to be applied at once.

If you are interested in rhinestone custom transfers, check out Dakota Collectibles. They have wide range of unique patterns and designs.

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