Understanding When it is Time to Hire Sexual Harassment Attorneys in Worcester MA

by | Jul 22, 2015 | Lawyers

The workplace should be a welcoming and comfortable environment. However, if a person is suffering due to the sexual advances made by co-workers, the workplace may quickly feel unwelcoming and hostile. Some situations that indicate sexual harassment is if a manager sends emails with sexual innuendos or if a supervisor watches pornography during work hours while asking questions about other employees personal lives. When this situations arises, it is essential that the victim takes action by contacting Sexual Harassment Attorneys in Worcester MA.

There are quite a few different types of sexual harassment that a person may suffer from. Understanding what these are can help those in the situation know whether or not they should seek legal representation. Some of the most common types of sexual harassment cases include:

• Physical harassment: This includes any type of unwanted touching, sexual assault or sexual battery.

• Verbal harassment: Any type of comments made that are sexual in nature, sexual innuendos, sexist or lewd jokes or remarks and verbal advances that are offensive or unwanted.

• Supervisor harassment: Verbal and physical sexual harassment made by a supervisor or a person that has the ability to fire or hire people.

• Sexual discrimination: This is when a person is discriminated against due to their sex or sexual orientation or gender.

Sexual harassment can occur in a number of different forms. Understanding a person’s rights is essential in ensuring that the situation is eliminated. While an employee can seek help from the HR department, there are a number of other actions they can take as well, including hiring Sexual Harassment Attorneys in Worcester MA.

Taking some time to consider the situation will ensure that the right action is taken to eliminate the hostile behavior. Taking action about sexual harassment is essential to ensure that it does not continue happening. After all, if one person is suffering these advancements, others will likely, as well. Taking action will stop the situation for everyone involved and ensure that the workplace is returned to a comfortable and welcoming job that people actually enjoy going to.

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