Understanding Child Custody

by | Jan 24, 2013 | Lawyers

When it comes to divorce and the involvement of children, the experience can be emotionally draining for everyone. Both parents and children can feel the effects of a broken family for years. Unfortunately, some children never get over the trauma. As a parent going through a divorce, you will have to work through child custody in Boyertown, PA negotiations with your spouse. In this situation, it may be advisable to involve a child custody lawyer who can help you determine what is best for your children and you.

There are several types of child custody in Boyertown, PA. There is legal custody, and there is physical custody. Both types of custody can be defined by being jointly held by both parents or solely held by one party.

Legal custody deals with the authority of parents to make decisions as it relates to the children’s upbringing. Decisions such as religious education, where the kids go to school, what type of medical care is given. Most states generally grant joint legal custody. This means both parents share in the decision making. If you feel the child(ren)’s other parent is unable to effectively make such decisions, you can hire an attorney to convince a court judge to award you sole custody.

Physical custody means you or the other parent has the legal right for a child to live with you. Most states will automatically award joint physical custody to both parents if each has the child(ren) for a significant amount of time. In most situations, joint physical custody works better when the parents live close enough to each other so that getting the kids from one residence to the other is fairly routine.

When one parent lives out of state, physical custody can be set up where one parent has the child(ren) during the school year and the other parent has them over summer break. The child(ren) will see their other parent during scheduled visits during these two periods.

It is obvious that the best solution for the child(ren) is for both parents to work together to come up with a child custody plan that is fair for all parties. If such an agreement cannot be reached either by the parents working together or through mediation, then you most certainly will want to retain the services of a qualified divorce lawyer who understand family and child custody in Boyertown, PA law.

Hiring a lawyer to help you to determine the best child custody. The safety and well-being of your child(ren) is most important. Lawyers Boyd & Karver who understands child custody and family law will make sure your kids are well taken care of.

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