Types Of VoIP Phones For Small Business And Individual Use

by | Sep 16, 2013 | Telecommunications

Traditional telephones use analog signals to transmit audible information through a series of phone lines. Invented in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell, this technology was the most advanced and astonishing of its time. The public was in awe over the idea of speaking with friends and loved ones in other locations through Mr. Bell’s new device.

As is the case with most inventions, the telephone has been modified and improved upon over the decades since its introduction, leading to international calling, cell phones and a number of other modern wonders. One of these recently introduced advances is Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP.

This transformation in the way the world communicates converts traditional analog telephone signals to digital data via the Internet. Using VoIP, callers can communicate both locally and worldwide while circumventing the phone company. A number of free software downloads are available online, enabling the public to quickly and easily install VoIP capability on their own computers.

Available in three varieties, VoIP can allow users to make free calls to any location throughout the world. The most common form of VoIP communication is known as an analog telephone adapter, or ATA. This form connects a standard phone to a computer and translates analog signals to digital. Many popular service providers are currently offering bundles that include ATA.

Another method of VoIP communication is modified IP phones. These phones resemble traditional phones in appearance, but they contain integral ethernet connectors, hardware and software necessary for VoIP use. With these phones, users can make phone calls from any location with a Wi-Fi hot spot.

The third option for VoIP users is the computer to computer method. This is possibly the simplest form of VoIP, requiring only the necessary software, a microphone and speakers, a sound card and a high speed Internet connection. Though this method comes with a standard ISP fee, all computer to computer calls are generally free.

VoIP phones for small business can save business owners a great deal in communication costs. This type of calling is helpful for large corporations, start up businesses and individuals alike, allowing them numerous free calling features and clear, reliable communication worldwide. Due to the quickly rising popularity and versatility of VoIP, this method of calling is expected to render traditional phones obsolete.

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