Landscaping Tear Out Just One of the Many Services Provided by San Jose Business

by | Sep 16, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Replacing an existing driveway or sidewalk is no easy task, especially the prep work. The old concrete has to be cut into pieces and hauled away. Then the site needs to be graded and leveled. This is not a job for the weekend do-it-yourself-er. You need to hire a professional who provides Landscaping Tear Out Services San Jose. They can tear out the old concrete, load it up, and haul it away.

If you have an old pool that has fallen into disrepair, the Landscaping Tear Out San Jose will remove the concrete and dirt from the pool and haul it away. That leaves a big hole in the ground that needs to be filled. Not to worry, because they will bring in dirt and fill in the hole that used to be your swimming pool. After the fill dirt has settled, the site is ready to sow in grass seed.

This company provides excellent service for residential and commercial customers. They can do drilling, trenching, dirt excavation and removal, demolition work, and anything else that might require the use of a bobcat. Bobcats are great little machines and fit in places where larger pieces of equipment cannot.

When it comes to their hauling service, they will haul anything. This includes debris from construction sites, concrete, dirt, and appliances. Spring is here and that means it’s time to clean out the basement or garage and get rid of the junk that has been accumulating over the years. After it is hauled away, employees will sort through the items to see if anything can be recycled. This company believes in protecting the environment and will recycle any material that they can.

Has your lawn been ruined by drought? Is your landscaping overgrown and in need of replacement? Then you need your yard or landscape cleaned out, removed, and replanted for a fresh start. If you are no longer able or just don’t want the responsibility of caring for your lawn, you can enter into a yard maintenance agreement. The tear out company will come to your home and mow your lawn, feed, and fertilize it. You can still have a beautiful lawn without all the work.

Whether the work needs done at your home or business, you can depend on this company for hauling, bobcat service, and Landscaping Tear Out San Jose.

For more information about landscaping tear out services, View the website.

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