Types of Invasive Pests that Require Insect Removal in St. Paul

by | Sep 3, 2015 | Pest Control

Insects are particularly frustrating pests that invade the home. They usually multiple like crazy. They are also so tiny that they can hide anywhere. This can make them very difficult to ferret out. The best treatment for pests is to prevent them from entering. However, these are the signs to look out for if an invasion does happen.

Carpenter ants are an invasive insect. They can leave a couple of different signs such as holes in the wood, shavings and weakened spots which can indicate these pests are invading. Since these pests have a nest and compromise the wood, insect removal in St Paul should happen as soon as they are found. The nests have to be destroyed and the remaining wood treated to stop another invasion.

Termites are one of the most common pests to invade homes. Like the carpenter ants, they invade wooden structures. Their biggest sign is little tubes that can be seen on the outside of the wood. These tubes are their primary means of travel. You may also find mysterious holes and wood shavings. Since they are also flying insects, the termites can leave behind wings or be seen swarming in the spring.

Unlike ants and termites, wasps thrive on the outside eaves of the home. These insects are highly aggressive and can attack at any time. They often leave paper nests on the eaves of the home. Since they release venom when they sting, allergic reaction can result. Because they have straight stingers, they can also hit multiple times. Getting rid of their nest can be hazardous especially if they decide to swarm. Once discovered, remain as far away as possible. After that, call for insect removal in St Paul to get rid of the entire nest. Usually, there is more than one nest in the vicinity. The area should be cleared of all of the nests before anyone utilizes that space.

Insects can be just as difficult to remove as other types of pests. Even with their relatively small size, they can do a great deal of damage in a short period of time. Click Here to find out more information on removing these types of insects.

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