Top Tips for Residential Kitchen Remodeling in Chicago IL

by | Jun 29, 2015 | Home Improvement

A remodeled kitchen is at the top of most potential home buyer’s wish lists. Residential Kitchen Remodeling in Chicago IL is the type of remodeling project that will add equity and value to your home. Bathroom remodels also add value to the home. Whether you plan to stay in your home forever, or sell it at some point, the following tips on Residential Kitchen Remodeling in Chicago IL are useful. Read on to learn more.


Don’t skimp on the finishes you choose for your kitchen. The kitchen is an important room in the home, and the right finishes let it stand out and make an impact. Choose high-end finishes whenever you can. However, take the time to learn about the finish before you choose it. Choose something that is easy to care for, such as quartz or granite.

When it comes to color, mix it up

You don’t want to choose dark flooring, dark countertops, and dark cabinets. Vary the colors. Choose a darker floor with white cabinets and counter top. Choose colors that complement one another, but not colors that are a direct match with one another.

Use a professional

When you remodel your home, it is important to use a licensed and insured professional. This helps to ensure that everything is up to code and done correctly. A professional will have knowledge of building codes in your area, which is very important for legal and insurance purposes.


Stay away from the color of the moment. If you paint your home using trendy colors, one of two things will soon happy. You will become tired of them, or they will look dated in a year or two. When a color become hot and trendy, people tend to flock to it. Then before you know it, you get tired of seeing it everywhere and want it gone from your home.

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