Advice to Expect a Divorce Lawyer in Johnson County, KS

by | Jun 29, 2015 | Lawyers

A divorce lawyer in Johnson County, KS does more than prepare the legal documents and negotiate terms with the counsel for the other party. In many instances, the lawyer will have some advice for the client. Heeding that advice will help make the dissolution of the marriage much less complicated. Here are some examples of advice that the lawyer is likely to provide.

Hold Nothing Back

In order for a divorce lawyer in Johnson County, KS to be effective, the legal counsel must know everything that could have a bearing on the case. This is especially true if it is anticipated that the other party will attempt to contest the divorce. Remember that is not up to the client to determine what information is relevant and what is not. Even if the client thinks there is no way in the world anyone else could know the information, provide it to the lawyer. Doing so ensures that if the matter is brought up by the opposing counsel, the lawyer will already know about it and be ready to render it ineffectual.

Keep a Low Profile

Another important piece of advice that the divorce lawyer in Johnson County, KS is likely to provide for the client is an admonition to not start acting as if the divorce is a done deal. This means keeping a relatively low profile until the papers are signed, and the court has declared the marriage is over. In the interim, the client can go to work, socialize with friends and do all the things that would normally be part of life. What the client must avoid is being caught in any circumstances that could call into question the honesty or integrity of said client. By keeping things above reproach for a short period of time, the chances of settling the divorce quickly are much better.

For anyone who is contemplating divorce, contact the Gilby & Haynes Law Firm LLP today. After consulting with a lawyer, it will be much easier to determine the grounds for divorce and begin the process that will allow the individual to be single again.

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