Tips for How Experts in Water Restoration in Meridian ID Can Help

by | Nov 10, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Flooding, whether it’s from a broken pipe, or mother nature is always scary, unpleasant, and messy. It’s not easy to get rid of the water that has invaded the home. In many cases, a homeowner simply doesn’t have the right tools for the job. The longer water stays in the home, the more damage it does, and the greater the chance that mold will form. There are many things about Water Restoration Meridian ID residents should know about. Read on for information on how the experts can help, and what homeowners can do themselves.


Know where your main water shut off is in case of a burst pipe. Being able to turn the water will minimize damage, and will keep the home from flooding further while waiting for the experts to arrive.

Only enter a flooded area if you know it’s safe. Water and electricity don’t mix. Never walk in a flooded room if there’s a chance that the water is high enough to have impacted outlets, and sockets. If it is safe to enter the room, flip the main circuit breaker switch to the off position. If there’s any doubt as to the safety of entering, don’t do it. Safety should be the number one priority.

Have an escape plan. This is especially important in areas where flooding is common. Have a safe meeting place for the entire family. Have an emergency kit available with everything that you might need if you must leave the home.


Experts, such as those from Ness LLC will come in and restore the home. They will do so by first sucking up all of the water. They have the powerful extraction tools that the average homeowner simply doesn’t have access to. Removing the water is just the beginning. The home will still be wet and damp. They will then come in with industrial sized fans to circulate the air. This dries the area more quickly, and the fresh air inhibits the growth of mold. Experts will also be able to determine whether or not the home is structurally sound and able to be occupied again.

Be safe, and get the home back to its original condition quickly by calling in the professionals in water restoration. Trying to tackle such a big, and overwhelming job on your own often results in additional damage and expense.

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