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by | Oct 12, 2015 | Lawyers

Getting a traffic ticket is more than just an inconvenience. Depending on a person’s driving history, the ticket can lead to the individual being assessed fines, having his or her license suspended, increased insurance rates, and being sentenced to traffic school. Avoiding these consequences requires consulting with a legal representative at an Attorney Junction City KS office about defenses that could be used to fight the ticket. Here’s an example of two that may be helpful.

Legally Justify the Infraction

One way to get a traffic ticket dropped is to find a way to legally justify the infraction. Although drivers are required to obey all traffic laws while on the roadways, there are times when they can legally break those laws without repercussion.

For instance, drivers must adhere to posted speed limits. However, they can go faster than the speed limit under certain circumstances, such as when passing slower vehicles or avoiding potentially dangerous situations. In cases like these, the judge may dismiss the ticket because the person’s speeding was justified.

Show the Conduct was an Honest Error

Another defense to a traffic ticket is showing the conduct was a sincere and honest error, otherwise known as a Mistake of Fact. This is when a person admits he or she did violate the law but can prove his or her conduct was the result of an error or circumstances beyond the individual’s control.

For example, a person is cited for running a stop sign at an intersection. However, a tree fell over and obscured the sign from view. The judge may dismiss the ticket because of this, particularly if the person had never driven down that particular street before.

Any type of defense used to fight traffic tickets will require evidence to back up claims made during the proceedings. In addition to helping a person develop a defense strategy for getting out of the ticket, a legal representative from an Attorney Junction City KS law office can help the individual locate and collect any relevant evidence that may benefit the case.

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