A Safe Place to Land: After School Child Care in Pittsburgh, PA

by | Oct 12, 2015 | Business

Quality childcare is important for working parents peace of mind and children’s growth and development. Childcare needs do not stop once children begin school, but the focus grows to include educational needs and flexibility to match school schedules. Parents looking for before and/or After School Child Care in Pittsburgh PA want the best for their children.

School-aged care should include:

Time for Study

There is no question that homework is the bane of many parent’s existence. Hours spent arguing over homework after work is not quality time spend with children. Add in dinner and bath time and there is little time left over to reconnect with children at the end of the day. Having time for homework and study built into an after school program is imperative to reducing stress and tears for both parents and children.

Options for Physical Activity

Children need to engage in active play every day, the more, the better. Quality care programs understand this need and provide options for children to get active and get moving. Programs that include team sport opportunities along with the ability to simply run and enjoy free play give children the best of both worlds. Children may discover a hidden talent for basketball or karate.

Opportunity for Social Interaction

After School Child Care in Pittsburgh PA can provide children with increased opportunities to engage in social interaction with children and adults of all ages and stages. Children may engage in free play with each other or be guided in more structured activities. Older children may enjoy volunteering in the community or helping with younger children in the center. This is a wonderful tool for teaching compassion and positive social skills.

Scheduled Time for Personal Interests

Many children are involved in extracurricular activities that leave little time for personal interests. After school programs allow children the freedom to explore new hobbies and give much needed down time after a busy day. Children may discover new interests or simply share quiet social time with peers.

Parents looking for quality school age childcare should visit  to see what an experienced and full service care program should include. Don’t see the children home to an empty house. See how enriching their world with stimulating programs can make everyone happy.

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