Signs That the Air Conditioning in Bradenton, FL is Wasting Energy

by | Jun 25, 2015 | Heating and Air Conditioning

While every homeowner likes the comfort and convenience that come with air conditioning in Bradenton FL, most would like to have that comfort at a reasonable rate. Maintaining the system properly is the best way to make sure the owner gets the most benefits while also keeping the cost of operation lower. Here are a couple of signs that indicate the system is beginning to consume more energy and needs some type of attention.

The System Constantly Runs

This season, it seems as if the system never cycles down. While it is no hotter than it was the same time last year, it is usually late in the evening before any slowdown of activity takes place. To complicate matters, it seems as if the only way to get the unit to cycle down is to change the thermostat setting. Rather than continuing that trend, it makes sense to have a professional look at the Air conditioning in Bradenton FL.

The Power Bill is Up

Even though there is nothing unusual about the temperature and humidity level outside, the cost of running the air conditioner is up considerably. A quick check with the utility company confirms that there has been no rate increase in well over a year. What the records do show is that the total consumption of energy for the household has increased.

Assuming that there has been no change in the use of appliances or the amount of hot water the family uses, that only leaves the air conditioning as the likely suspect. The only way to know for sure is to call a professional and have the unit thoroughly inspected. Chances are that the technician will find a part that needs replacing or something that needs to be adjusted in order to prevent any further waste of energy.

Remember that the need for some sort of adjustment or repair is not something to be delayed. Choosing to put off the service call simply because the unit is still cooling only provides time for the problem to get worse. Call today and find out what is happening with the air conditioner. There is a good chance that the issue is a minor one and can be repaired quickly for very little money.

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