Services and Activities Provided in Day Habilitation in New Bedford MA

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Day habilitation is intended to give developmentally disabled adults the care they need in a non-threatening, friendly environment. Centers typically operate five days a week, but some offer evening and weekend care. As of the time of this writing, there are over 4000 such centers in the US. Hospitals, nursing facilities and home health care agencies often affiliate with these programs. Below is an explanation of the benefits and services provided in Day Habilitation New Bedford MA centers.

Services and Benefits

Day programs for developmentally disabled adults are great resources for caregivers, many of whom refuse to entertain the option. Some caregivers feel guilty about ‘dumping’ their loved ones in such a program, while others fear that their loved one will resent being placed there. When the program works as intended, it can improve the patient’s behavior and ability to perform the tasks of day-to-day life. Other benefits include:

Being able to stay in the community while the caregiver works

Getting time away from caregivers

Social interaction with peers

Establishment of a daily routine

Day habilitation centers provide many services to adults with cognitive and mental disabilities, such as:

Assistance with ADLs (activities of daily living) like grooming, taking medication, eating and toileting

Mentoring and counseling

Fitness programs

Health monitoring

Food preparation and meal service

Occupational, physical and speech therapy


A Day Habilitation Service New Bedford can provide social interaction and stimulating activities such as:





Field trips

Music/pet therapy


Meditation and relaxation classes

The average expense for Day Habilitation New Bedford MA is roughly $70 per day, but costs can vary depending on the facility and the level of service offered. Government-funded centers are less expensive, as are those offering scholarships. Programs offering after-hours or live-in care are more costly, but adult day habilitation is typically cheaper than placing a loved one in a nursing facility or hiring a home health aide. Medicare does not reimburse for day habilitation, but if the program is medically licensed and your loved one meets state criteria, Medicaid may pay some expenses. If medical personnel are involved in your loved one’s treatment, long-term care insurance may cover part of the expense of such a program.

Better Community Living, Inc. provides Day Habilitation service with care, both residentially and in the community at reasonable rates.

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