Reviewing Driving Under The Influence Laws With A DUI Attorney In Timonium, MD

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In Maryland, driving under the influence accounts for 510 fatalities in 2008 alone. As a method of reducing these probabilities, the state strengthened the penalties for these infractions. However, some drivers are accused of this infraction false. A DUI Attorney in Timonium MD is available to help those who are accused falsely.

What are the Penalties for DUI?

Currently, the penalties for a first offense DUI is a maximum of six months license suspension, a fine of $1,000, and a jail sentence of no more than one year. The driver will incur twelve points on their driver’s license for this infraction. However, if the blood alcohol exceeds 0.15 percent, the judge may increase the sentence based on aggravated DUI charges.

The penalty for a second offense DUI in Maryland is a driver’s licenses suspension for no more than one year. The fine for this infraction is $2,000. Once convicted, the driver must spend no less than five days in county lockup with a maximum sentence of two years. They will also receive an additional twelve points on their driver’s license. All second convictions require entrance into an alcohol abuse treatment program.

Are There Administrative Penalties?

Upon reception of the DUI charge, the driver must file a motion for a hearing with the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration. This motion will incur a charge of $150. The driver has a period of ten days following the arrest to file this motion. They will attend a hearing no later than thirty days following the motion.

Equally, the driver will incur license suspensions for refusing to submit to chemical testing. For a first conviction, the MMVA may impose a suspension of one hundred twenty days, or the driver may agree to the installation of an ignition interlocking device for one year. For the second conviction, the driver incurs a suspension of one year.

Maryland drivers must obey all traffic laws when operating a vehicle. This includes refraining from driving under the influence. Due to the high volume of vehicular fatalities connected to DUI, the state has enforced stricter penalties.

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