Reasons to Book a Bikini Wax in St. Johns, FL

by | Sep 10, 2015 | Health

The whole point of having a bikini wax in St. Johns, FL, is to look and feel good. While it is possible to schedule a wax anytime, there are situations that call for making the appointment for the next day or so. Here are some examples to keep in mind.

Going to the Beach or Lake

On Wednesday, a friend calls and issues an invitation to go to the beach or stay at a lake house during the upcoming weekend. That is great, but there are some concerns about wearing a swim suit. In this scenario, scheduling a Bikini Wax in St. Johns, FL, for after work on Thursday will be plenty of time to make sure the suit will look great. With the concerns about appearance out of the way, the main focus will be on enjoying the two days away from the city and with suntan lotion to take along.

Going to a Costume Party

There is a costume party coming up and the decision is to dress as one of the more famous superheroes. Since the costume looks a great deal like bikini bottoms anyway, why not plan accordingly? Having a wax a day or two before the party will ensure the look is just what the party goer has in mind.

A Romantic Evening

After seeing the same person for several weeks, it is time to take the relationship to the next level. That calls for making some preparations. A day or two before the next date, go to a salon and have the full treatment. That includes a bikini wax. The result will leave the individual feeling confident, attractive, and ready for any type of romantic encounter that should come to pass.

Remember that while a wax comes in handy with different occasions, there does not have to be anything special going on in order to have this type of beauty treatment. If the client wants a wax for no reason other than because they like the look, then go right ahead. All it will take is one phone call to make the appointment at Fountain of Beauty. For more details visit the website,

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