Qualities of a Satisfying Child Visitation Lawyer, San Antonio TX

by | Dec 13, 2012 | Lawyers

While one of the spouses gets the custody of the child, the other one is granted visitation rights. This is contrary to the assumption, in Texas, that the spouses have shared custody. Therefore, if you are the party who has been denied the primary custody of the child, you need a visitation schedule. Divorce is not a matter to be resolved like an easy walk in the park. It is an uphill task. This means that it is probable that the primary parent wants you out of sight much less to her child. This brings about a quagmire that makes you seek some legal backing. The hand of a child visitation lawyer, San Antonio TX comes in there. The following are some the areas that these attorneys will help you in;

* Enforcing of the fixed visitation schedule -There is a standard schedule of visitation that is stipulated by the Texas Family Code. It states that the visiting spouse is allowed to visit the child on the first, third and first weekends every month. It also allows the spouse to alternate custody on holidays and the extended summer period. The code is provided as a benchmark to self-agreements between the spouses. However, one of the spouses may refuse to adhere to the provisions of the code. A child visitation lawyer will chip in to help in that circumstance.

* Drafting of the visitation schedule – There are times when spouses want to form their own visitation formula. Agreeing on the formula that suits both parties is a tall order. Hence, they need a mediator. A child visitation lawyer, San Antonio TX is the best person for mediation. The lawyer will also be needed for negotiation of visitation schedule against the other party in case the issue is litigious. The agreement between the spouses should be deposited with the court regardless of process used to reach it. Some of the common schedules as provided by a child visitation lawyer include 2/2/3 custody policy. This indicates that the custody is held for two days by one spouse, the other takes over for two days and it is then given back to the other for three days before repeating the cycle. A week to week schedule is the other prevalent custody and the simplest.

* Protecting your interest and that of the child – In coming up with the visitation schedule the court will be concerned with the interest of your child only. You will need a tough child visitation lawyer, San Antonio TX to negotiate for your interest. Your interests are fastened on the parental love you have on your child. You should not let anyone cut you connection with your child, not for all the tea in China. You need to get in touch with a child visitation lawyer once you feel that your interest has been infringed.

Parental love is determined by compassion. The rare you are to the child the less the dynamism in compassion. For you to solve all this all you have to do is to get the right child visitation lawyer and everything will be okay.

It is your right to visit your child to monitor his or her rearing. Achild visitation lawyer helps you to get enough time for your child. Visit Gillen & Associates in San Antonio TX.

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