Electrical Repairs in Round Rock TX

by | Dec 12, 2012 | Electronics and Electrical

When it comes to home repair, tackling electrical work can be dangerous. It is easy to overlook an important step, like forgetting to turn off the power, which can cause a short circuit, a shock or even a fire. Before you start on any job involving electrical repairs in Round Rock TX, take a look at some of these safety tips to make sure you do the job right and do not get hurt in the process.

Install of cables properly

Don’t forget to use clamps when securing you electrical cables, otherwise they will experience strain and fatigue. The sharp edges of a metal electrical box can cut the insulation protecting the wire. If you are using a plastic box as part of your electrical repairs in Round Rock TX, you don’t need an internal clamp, but you do want to staple the wire within 8 inches outside the box. Larger boxes do need internal clamps and some will have built-in ones, otherwise secure the incoming wire no further away than 12 inches.

Correctly place wall boxes

You want to make certain the electrical boxes you install rest flush to the wall surface, especially if the wall surface is made from combustible material. Mounting a box behind a wall made from, say wood, can create a fire hazard as the material is susceptible to heat and fire.

Don’t overfill the electrical box

It can be tempting to jam as many wires as you can into a junction box but in doing so you run the risk of creating undue heat in the small space. This can create a short-circuit and even a fire. Refer to the National Electrical Code for the size of the box needed for the amount of wires you are using.

Locate the neutral terminal

Don’t make the mistake of connecting a black (hot) wire to the neutral terminal on an outlet. This can cause a lethal shock, and since the lights in the home work fine even though the wires have been improperly wired, you won’t know it until the shock occurs.

The white wire is the wire to be connected to the neutral terminal of light fixtures and outlets. Neutral terminals will always be marked by a light-colored or silver screw. The hot wire should be connected to the other terminal. The bare copper, or green, wire is the ground. The ground is to be connected to the green grounding screw or to a grounded box.

Wire the GFCI correctly

Electrical repairs in Round Rock TX involve using Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI). These are outlets used to keep you from getting a lethal shock. When they sense a disturbance in the electrical current, the automatically shut off the power. GFCIs have two pairs of terminals. One set, called the ‘line’, is meant for incoming power. The other pair, the ‘load’, protects subsequent outlets. Make sure you wire the GFCI correctly or you will lose this shock protection.

Work with electricians who can help you with electrical repairs in Round Rock TX. Electricians with the know-how and expertise are you best bet for safely finishing all of your electrical repairs in Round Rock TX.

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