Medical Appointment Scheduling Software Benefits Both Doctors and Patients

by | May 25, 2016 | Business

Running a medical practice can be a balancing act between providing excellent medical care, while still maintaining an economically feasible business. As a practice owner, time is always in short supply, and cutting corners isn’t an option. Many practices have solved the balancing act by using medical appointment scheduling software, providing patients with a useful service, while also easing pressure on their own staff.

How It Works

The software provides a multiple interface solution to traditional appointment scheduling. When a practice implements the medical appointment scheduling software, a system is set up that allows patients to schedule an appointment by phone, mobile operating system (iOS or Android), computer, or text message. The front desk staff is then able to view, modify, or cancel these appointments. The practice also has the option to combine the scheduling software with appointment reminder software, helping patients to remember appointments while erasing the need for front desk staff to personally remind patients of appointments.

Patient Benefits

Medical appointment scheduling software provides patients with a quick, convenient, way to schedule appointments from their internet connected devices, or by phone. For the technologically savvy, this means instantly booking appointments from the comfort of their own home, or even scheduling on the road from a mobile device. Patients are provided with an instant gratification solution that can be used to fit an appointment into their schedule. For the less technologically inclined, traditional scheduling by phone remains, giving those not comfortable with change the option to integrate into internet scheduling at their own pace.

Benefits to the Practice

By adopting the scheduling software, a medical practice gains efficiency. Front desk staff are afforded more free time to help patients fill out paper work, process patient files, and manage the waiting room more effectively. A software based scheduling system is easy accessible, where editing appointments takes as long as a mouse click. The ability to handle patient’s needs more efficiently has the potential to increase patient satisfaction, and therefore the ability to draw more patients to the office, in turn leading to increased revenue.

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