Though we have a ton of products to choose from in the pharmacy, none of the dental products match what is achieved through a visit to a dental office. Call Cosmetic Dentistry Highlands Ranch and make an appointment for any number of detailed cosmetic procedures. From whitening to implants, patients looking for an improved smile will find just what they need. Cosmetic Dentistry is similar to good cosmetic surgery. It is not necessary, but it is designed to make a person look better without looking like he or she has had work done.

A very popular procedure is teeth whitening. This bleaching process whitens a smile through a couple of methods. The original way of doing things was to provide patients with a mild bleaching solution and dental trays. Over the course of a week or more, the patient would place the bleaching solution in a tray and then wear that tray over the teeth for a few minutes each day. Though that is still an option, many patients opt for in-office whitening. It can be done during the lunch hour and whitens teeth several shades in sixty minutes or less.

Veneers and dental bonding are other cosmetic offerings. These procedures share some similarities. Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain applied over individual teeth. Dental bonding involves applying a resin to teeth to straighten them out of fill in cracks or imperfections. Both are cover imperfections. Many patients use them for the front teeth since this is what is visible when smiling.

Patients with missing teeth can fill in those gaps. One way to do so is with a partial bridge. This is permanent or removable and manufactured to fill in missing teeth. Eligible patients can also opt for dental implants. These are false implanted into the jawbone, which eventually fuse into the jaw. Dental implants are cared for like natural teeth. People who are missing almost or all of their teeth can get dentures. Dentures are usually a full plate of false teeth that are custom fitted.

Cosmetic Dentistry Highlands Ranch gives patients a number of ways in which to improve the look of their smile. Make an appointment and go over which options are most suitable. When it is all over, smile broadly.

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