Implant Dentistry in Las Vegas For Long-term Solutions

by | Sep 7, 2015 | Dentist

Implant Dentistry Las Vegas provides low maintenance and long-term solutions to a missing tooth, spaces and gaps between teeth, and dentures that slip. A single tooth can be fabricated and implanted directly into the jaw bone so it will not slide out of place, or wiggle when biting into food. It can also keep the rest of the teeth from moving out of alignment. Once implanted, the tooth can be brushed and flossed like the natural teeth, so no special cleaning is necessary. This technique is great for a missing front tooth because no one will notice any difference.

Larger spaces caused by several missing teeth can be filled in with a traditional bridge, but that can be inconvenient and painful. Permanent teeth can be lost due to sports contact, accidents, trauma, illness, or advanced tooth decay. Leaving the space open is not a viable option because that will result in continued issues of the patient. Teeth surrounding the space will shift in and cause problems with alignment, bite, cleaning, and uneven wear on opposing teeth. Implant Dentistry Las Vegas can affix a bridge to screws embedded into the jaw so the placement will be exact. There will be no problems with slipping, eating, or pain. The bridge can be brushed daily and disconnected for thorough cleaning at regular intervals. Dentists at Desert Breeze Dental in Las Vegas can assess the situation for each patient and recommend which type of bridge would work best.

Implanted supported dentures provide another convenient and long-term solution for patients. Implant Dentistry Las Vegas can place screws in the top and bottom of the jaw to hold upper and lower dentures securely in place. There would be no need to use sealants or adhesive films daily to keep dentures from sliding, dropping from the roof of the mouth, or getting stuck in hard foods like apples. Dentures can be taken out by the patient when it is convenient. Patients can enjoy biting into most types of food, have confidence when smiling and speaking, and not worry about sores developing from particles getting caught under dentures. Patients can go to for detailed information regarding implants, and to set up an initial appointment for a consultation.

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