Fraud comes in all shapes and sizes, and can happen anywhere. You can experience it as a consumer, trading stocks or in business. The common thread that ties them all together is that someone set out to steal from you in an underhanded way. Someone cooks the books or hides where your money is going to, making you think you have a lot more than you really do. In the meantime, the perpetrator is getting more money from you, causing you to go broke and never showing you a return. Don’t let it get to this point — contact an Atlanta Fraud Lawyer for help when you think someone is stealing from you.

One of the places fraud can happen is in the workplace. An employee is given the responsibility to handle money in some capacity or another, and starts to take advantage of the trust. In fact, a famous case recently highlighted how one person can steal millions of dollars over the years just by being a good liar. These types of con artists know how to hide their paper trail so that their theft is not going to be easily found. In fact, once the activity is uncovered, it’s going to take the help of an Atlanta Fraud Lawyer to untangle everything.

Someone engaged in fraudulent activities leaves behind evidence, however small. It comes in the form of a checking account with a vague-sounding name or it is found in the form of checks written to the embezzler. The money has to go somewhere, and it can’t always be easily hidden which eventually is the downfall of the fraudster. The problem comes in the form of finding the evidence.

The Lawyer Tom Ford can help uncover where the money went to by applying previous experience of the criminal mind. The lawyer also uses experts who apply forensic skills to computer storage and accounting program files. All of this is brought together to find the pattern of theft, how much it totals and who is responsible for the activity. At the very least you get the satisfaction of firing the individual, and can take the next step of prosecuting him for the crime.

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