How To Negotiate On A Used Audi In Tacoma

by | May 24, 2013 | Car Dealers

While a new car can lose up to 15% to 20% in the first year of its useful life, a used car can actually increase in value depending on the make and model. When you visit a dealer set a budget, compare makes and models and establish a fair price range. With this information you can go to a used Audi Tacoma dealership and come out with a used car that fits all of your requirements.

You know are you are interested in a used Audi Tacoma, so your next step is to set a budget for what you are willing to pay for one. Take into account the amount of insurance, miles per gallon the fuel efficiency is and an extended warranty if you choose to purchase one. Stick to your price and find a vehicle that falls within your range you are comfortable paying.

Next, perform make and model comparisons. Are you willing to find another car that is like the Audi that may have better features, or do you only want to compare this make? Sometimes designs in the vehicle can change significantly from year to year, as well as their value. Are you willing to sacrifice in design, safety or miles per gallon to get a better deal up front? Determine this information about your potential car before a dealer offers you these choices.

Establish a fair price before you test drive. Know that when you visit a dealer or a used cars Tacoma lot they will have overhead that will be included in the sales ticket. Is the mark-up at the particular dealership worth the service you are receiving? Can you find the exact inventory in another dealership, without the same percentage mark up in the price?

By visiting different dealer websites you may be able to haggle and inspect the car and its typical problems before you get to the dealership. Be prepared to negotiate your price if you have found the car that you want and know what it’s problems may be. A simple trick in the business is knowing that anywhere from 25% to 50% can be reduced in the price of a used car that has been on a lot for more than 30 days.

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