How to Inspect Your Garage Door in Metro West MA for Defects

Your garage door, the hardware it uses to operate, and the garage door opener all comprise a garage door system. This system helps keep your home warm during the winter and cool in the summertime. This movable structure also helps prevent unauthorized into your home. With such important functions, it’s essential for your garage door to work at optimal levels. To find defects and correct them before they worsen, inspect your Garage Door in Metro West MA every one or two months. Use these guidelines to help you.

A garage door operates on spring tension. Because the spring exerts a powerful force that can cause bodily injury, avoid handling or inspecting this hardware. A garage door ascends and descends on rollers that move along metal tracks. These tracks are on opposite sides of your garage door opening. The tracks are attached to the walls with mounting brackets. Hinges connect the garage door to the rollers.

Inspect the metal tracks. They should be free of dents and dings. When possible, use a rubber mallet to strike these defects back into place. Check the fasteners holding the mounting brackets in place. When the mounting brackets are improperly positioned, remove the fasteners so you can move the mounting brackets. Evaluate the metal tracks. The vertical portion of the tracks should be parallel to one another. The horizontal part of the tracks angle downward slightly towards the back of the garage. When any portions of the tracks are misaligned, re-position them. If you find a piece of track that is beyond repair, you will have to replace it.

After inspecting the tracks, use a mild detergent mixed with water to clean the tracks. Use a sponge or cloth to remove grime, dust, and debris. Rinse with clear water. Doing this will allow accumulations of materials to be lifted off the tracks. Ensure that you turn off power to the garage door system before cleaning it. Reconnect the power after you finish.

Inspecting your Garage Door in Metro West MA will help you avoid the inconvenience of having a garage door that does not work. It will also protect your home from theft. For more information on garage door services, please talk to an expert at Collins Overhead Door Inc. You can also Click here to read the company website. This company can handle residential and commercial garage doors.

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