How dental implants improve your smile

by | Nov 16, 2015 | Dentist

No matter how well a person looks after their teeth there is always the possibility of losing one or more through decay or trauma. Nothing can be quite as embarrassing as having a gap where there should be a tooth. There are a few ways that dental in Vestal NY can fill this gap, depending on the number of teeth involved it can be a partial denture, a bridge or teeth implants.

A dental implant is actually a false tooth, but unlike dentures is not removable and unlike a bridge requires no work to be done on adjacent teeth. The tooth implant sits on a titanium peg that is imbedded into the jaw bone by a periodontist or an oral surgeon. Once the peg has become one with the jaw bone a crown is fitted on the top and the implant is complete. Implants are becoming very popular, they are extremely stable which means there are no limitations on how the tooth can be used, it is as good as any natural tooth. The complete process can take several months as the peg and bone must fuse but when the process is finished most patients are delighted with the results.

The implant can be made from various materials although the standard and by far the most common is a titanium post and a porcelain crown which is fitted to the post. The tooth can be made from other materials including gold if need be. The implant requires no special care, as long as it is looked after along with all the other teeth it will last the lifetime of the patient. A tooth implant is certainly more comfortable than either a denture or a bridge. For those with teeth missing in the front nothing is better at restoring a smile than implants.

Dental in Vestal NY start the process with the titanium post or peg. Once the site is prepared the post is screwed into the jaw bone, it is left for a number of months until the bone grows over the implant, the post becomes one with the jaw bone and is as stable as a tooth root. While the site is healing the dentist may suggest that a padded bridge be worn so that the site is not disturbed and the patient will have full biting surfaces. Once the post is rigid and the gums healed the crown is attached with dental cement.

A dental implant is an ideal way to replace one or more missing teeth. For this type of dental in Vestal NY you are invited to make an appointment with the New York Dental Group.

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