Hospice in Beaumont Texas Provides Support Through End of Life Process

by | Feb 18, 2015 | Health Care

As you and your loved ones age, it never gets easy to make the choice to enter Hospice or Home Care. When presented with that decision you may feel angry or surprised. Although you may cognitively know that the end of life is inevitable, when it comes close it is still hard to accept. When confronted with the decision, you may ask questions such as: what is the difference between hospice and home health and when do I know what to choose when looking for Hospice Beaumont Texas.

While hospice and home healthcare have many similarities, such as having a team of nurses, nurse aides, and social workers, overseen by a physician. These teams, such as the teams at Hospice Beaumont Texas, help the patient with medical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs. The primary focus of each, however, is different. For Home Health, the focus is on curative care and treatment, but the focus of hospice is on keeping the patient comfortable at the end of life. Most patients usually enter hospice when they have been diagnosed with six months or less to live. Visit website for more details.

There are five stages of dying when facing end of life decisions. The stages are listed below.

• Denial that your or your loved one is actually near the end;

Anger that you or your loved one is helpless and not in control as they used to be;

Bargaining, trying to make deals with God to escape the situation;

Depression due to the pain and loss the illness is causing;

Acceptance becoming more tranquil as the patient realizes it is okay to die and it is during this stage that the decision to enter hospice is usually made.

When you or a loved one reaches the acceptance stage it does not mean you are accepting defeat; it merely means that the patient has accepted the reality that approaches everyone at some point. As you and/or your loved ones go through these stages you might not recognize them, but nursing and support staff at places such as  will be available to help you make decisions and support you through the end of life process.

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