One of the toughest assignments that someone can be given is to arrange the catering for a very important company function. If all goes well, the boss is pleased. However, if the hot food wasn’t hot, if the selections weren’t tasty and attractive, if (fingers double-crossed on this one) the caterer is late, messes up the order or doesn’t show up at all – well, it might be time to update the resume.

What Kind of Food Would Diners Prefer?

There are many nice Local Restaurants in Gaithersburg. Uncle Julio’s Rio Grande Cafe is often considered one of the best restaurants offering spicy Mexican food. There are a number of popular Asian-themed restaurants, including Pho Viet Saigon and Love Sushi. However, when choosing a style of food for the big company affair, it is usually a very good idea to offer an up-scale version of the type of food that the diners normally enjoy.

What is the Budget?

The first thing to nail down is how many people will be there. If the exact number of attendees is unclear, order extra. Find out what extra charges will be included in the total quote, such as delivery, staff and clean-up. Then subtract the extra charges from the budget before figuring out the cost per person.
How Much to Order per Person


• If only appetizers will be served, order 8-10 pieces per person.

• If there will be appetizers followed by a meal, 4 pieces each will be enough.


• For an appetizer-only buffet, allow 3 drinks per person, whether coffee, tea, soft drinks or wine.

• For a sit-down dinner with wine, allow 1/2 bottle per person or 2 other drinks with the meal plus 4 other drinks (coffee, tea, soft drinks).


In Gaithersburg, The Potomac Grill has online menus available for both appetizers and meals. The menus give full descriptions of the items and pictures of many offerings plus prices. Catering is available for breakfast, lunch or dinner, with appetizers and desserts also offered.


Does the caterer supply plates and cutlery? What other equipment is supplied or available?

Since 2006, The Potomac Grill has become one of the most popular Local Restaurants in Gaithersburg. The mouth watering food has earned them a reputation as the place to call when an important event is being catered. Click Here to look at the online menus and begin planning your event now.

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