Why is timber management important?

by | Jul 2, 2015 | Gardening

Timber management consists of a number of techniques and strategies that are used by the government and private companies when dealing with the administration of a forestry tract. Those that practice timber management in Tioga County NY are faced with developing an approach which acknowledges conflicting interests.
There are two definitive aspects to timber management; economic and environmental. The economic aspect focuses on harvesting the trees and replanting for the future while the environmental aspect focuses on the forest and its impact on the global environment.

The from the perspective of economics it is generally accepted that logging is an activity that is necessary to provide raw material for a host of different needs and to support local economies with job creation and wealth. This activity is done in strict accordance with rules, the rules are essential to ensure sensitive harvesting of the trees but in such a way that widespread deforestation does not occur.

Timber management in Tioga County NY follows a number of proven techniques which include methods of replanting, limiting the number of trees that are harvested from a specific wood lot as well as strict attention to the ways in which the harvested trees are removed from the forest. With modern technology adherence to these rules and goals can easily be monitored using satellite imagery.

Looking at timber management from the point of view of the environment, determining in advance how much of a forest can be harvested without causing irreparable damage is essential. The time that it takes to replant as well as the success of the replanting efforts is extremely important to timber management. This part of timber management is constantly evolving, and the long-term impact is going to prove to be significant in ensuring that there will always be harmony between the economic and environmental considerations.

The general public is becoming more and more aware of the threats to the planet and the impact of how natural resources are being used. Over twenty years ago the Forest principals were adopted internationally as the standard to follow for sustainable timber management. This document was well researched for many years; the result was a detailed criterion for timber management that is in current use worldwide. The objective of the principles is to provide a workable framework for those involved in the forestry industry, providing insight into how to harvest the trees needed, but doing so in such a way that the harvest is sustainable.

Logging and land clearance is all part of responsible timber management in Tioga County NY. If you have standing timber that needs to be harvested or land which needs to be cleared for forest activities you are invited to contact All-Pro / All Seasons Tree Service. Click here to know more.

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