Finding the Right Fit When Buying a Kiosk

by | May 9, 2014 | Business

Service kiosks are popping up more and more. They are being employed effectively at airports and health care centers to shorten lines and waiting periods, and are used in many businesses to speed up payments and provide information on product. Kiosks are not one size fits all, however. There are several important components to consider to ensure the best choice. Once you have made the decision that a kiosk could benefit your business, it is time to take a good look at the types of kiosks for sale.

What Will It Do?

A campus or convention center may want to provide maps or a list of presentations and their whereabouts. A health center may need a way to gather medical information on site. Retail businesses may want to provide demonstration videos, or offer a way to check product availability online. Restaurants may want real-time survey responses regarding customer experience. In any case, the clearer you are about what you want, the better experience you will have when purchasing a kiosk.

What Types Are Available?

Kiosks for sale come in a wide variety of styles, in standardized sizes and custom configurations. They may be designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Kiosks may be made with touchscreen technology and be fully interactive. Tablet-style kiosks may be mounted on a pedestal, on a wall, fixed onto a surface or mobile. A kiosk manufacturer will be able to adjust elements of the kiosk to suit your changing needs.

How to Shop for a Kiosk

If possible, look inside the machine. Neat, organized wiring generally signifies good internal design. Get a breakdown of the components from the manufacturer, so that you are better able to talk about the machine should something malfunction. Understand the kind of usage you expect the kiosk to get, so that you can select wisely regarding durability. Ask about off-the-shelf replacement parts, which are easier and less expensive to replace than custom configurations. Ask, too, about the manufacturer’s warranty policy.

Hardware and Software

When looking for kiosks for sale, rather than for rent, it is particularly important to do business with a reputable manufacturer. A good company will use only high-quality components and will be able to repair or replace them with minimal hassle. As for software, whether you require ongoing analysis, metric reports or just diversity in how you display your message, you want to know your kiosk company can design a good program and add what you need when you need it.

When looking for kiosks for sale, be sure to consult with the manufacturer before buying. A good company will help you assess your needs, and come up with a design to suit. There are kiosks for sale which can provide a significant return on your investment if you shop well.

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